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Post-Pandemic Changes to the Multifamily Marketing Landscape ft. Barbara Savona

Part 2 with Barbara Savona is here! Elizabeth revisits with Barbara to discuss marketing within multifamily, sharing ideas, tools, and ways to maximize lead-to-lease through up-leveled marketing and creative innovation while also touching on how COVID-19 impacted how we market properties.

About Barbara: Barbara Savona is a visionary leader, entrepreneur, and CEO with over 22 years of experience in the property management and advertising industries. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sprout Marketing, a cutting-edge platform designed to help multifamily housing professionals achieve their marketing and occupancy goals.

As the host of the Marketing Home, Marketing You Podcast, Barbara shares her expertise and passion for helping property management professionals succeed in their careers. She provides actionable strategies and practical tips that are innovative yet easy to implement, empowering her audience to make meaningful changes that have a significant impact.

Barbara's grassroots approach to multifamily marketing is informed by her diverse background as a property manager, regional supervisor, advertising executive, and branding strategist. Her philosophy focuses on small, consistent changes that deliver big results, and her clients consistently praise her innovative yet practical approach.

In addition to her success as a business owner, Barbara is a nationally recognized speaker and a graduate of the AIT program. As a branding and marketing strategist, she has helped countless professionals elevate their brands and achieve their marketing goals. Barbara is also a Certified Functional Wellness Coach. Her unique approach to business incorporates a focus on wellness, ensuring that her clients and colleagues are supported in both their personal and professional lives.

Barbara lives in a shipping container house in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, Doberman, and twelve chickens. 

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