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How Social Are You... Really? ft. Megan Thomas

Elizabeth Francisco, Chief Experience Officer Inhabit, sat down with ResMan's very own content and social media manager, Megan Thomas. As multifamily heads into a competitive year, they discuss the role of social media in multifamily and the large gaps within it that could make for some profitable opportunity. They also discuss the platforms, algorithms, and what kind of content will keep potential and current renters interested in the long run. Megan shares tools and guidelines to ramping up your property's social media so you can see success in your results.

Megan Thomas, Content & Social Marketing Manager at ResMan, is an experienced content creator, copywriter and social media specialist who’s worked in the content marketing world for over 7 years. Megan specializes in B2B and B2C content writing, organic social media and thought leadership, with heavy emphasis in the real estate industry. She has written hundreds of blogs, crafted several, viral social media posts, and ghostwritten Forbes articles for tech executives on topics like digital and content marketing. Having worked in tech for almost 5 years, she now spends a lot of her time sharing her learnings in social media with sales teams, tech executives, and multifamily marketers as they navigate organic social media marketing in regards to their business models.

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