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Multifamily Market Update: Where Are We in 2023 and What’s Potentially in Store for ‘24?

When we look at aggregate market data for 2023, one can find evidence that in many ways, looks like our industry is continuing to return to “normal”. However, there’s a lot about 2023 that isn’t normal – especially if you operate in high-growth regions or have an investment-oriented business model.

As we head toward the finish line of 2023, join Jordan Brooks, ALN’s Senior Market Analyst, and Elizabeth Francisco, Chief Experience Officer at Inhabit (ResMan’s parent company), for this on-demand webinar.

They’ll take a look at:

- YTD performance across key metrics like occupancy, rent growth, absorption or lack thereof, new construction, at the national and regional level

- Underlying drivers of performance like the labor market, new construction starts, household creation and consumer financial position

- Investment activity, key investment metrics and the impact this is having on investors, owners and operators

- Trends to watch for in 2024

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