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Maximizing Multifamily Marketing: How Analytics and Attribution Can Help You Reach Your Marketing Goals

In Razz's decade-long collaboration with multifamily marketing teams, we've consistently observed that while marketers value data for budget decisions, many struggle with accessing and interpreting it effectively.

At Razz, our focus is to help multifamily marketers use website analytics and attribution data for more efficient marketing and informed decision-making to increase effective rent.

Whether you’re a seasoned multifamily marketer or a leasing agent moonlighting as a marketer, we hope you’ll download this on-demand webinar, focused on the fundamentals in tracking, analytics, and how attribution can help you.

During the webinar, we’ll:

- Provide a layperson’s overview of what Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is and how it can help you.

- Talk about what Attribution is and why it’s important.

- Show you how GA4 Data and Attribution work hand in hand to give you a full picture of the customer journey.

- Introduce the new features we’ve added to our websites platform to help you maximize the value of GA4 and glean greater attribution insights.

If you are a marketing professional navigating the dynamic world of multifamily property websites, we’ll show you the power of using the right tools for your data-driven strategies and supercharge your digital campaigns.

Whether you currently use Razz, ResMan Websites, Anyone Home Marketing Websites powered by Razz or a different website solution, you’ll find this webinar incredibly helpful for maximizing the value of GA4 and improving your visibility into the impact of each of your lead sources.

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