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Is Your Renter’s Insurance Program an Armed Fortress or Swiss Cheese?

Insurance coverage for residents is a hot topic and continues to increase in importance with the rising costs of property insurance and repairs. There are many options on the market with subtle differences that can lead to unexpected gaps in coverage and out-of-pocket expenses, so it is critical to find a solution that best meets the needs of your property owners, investors, residents, and your business!

Amy Matlock, ePremium’s Regional Director of Account Management will share her wealth of knowledge on the topic in a way that cuts through the complexity and helps you understand what these products do and don’t do. The session will cover:

  • Overall insurance trends, including key drivers of increasing rates and changes in terms as well as expectations for 2023
  • The importance of a solid resident insurance program as a risk mitigation tool for avoiding gaps in coverage and securing favorable property insurance rates and terms
  • The case for requiring renters insurance, including the types of coverages to protect you and your residents and how that benefits the leasing office
  • What to consider when looking into liability insurance options – types of programs available and pros and cons of each – including ancillary income opportunities
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