ResMan Webinars

Combat and Prevent Applicant Fraud

Applicant fraud is a significant and growing problem in the multifamily industry. Nearly 10% of all financial documents submitted by applicants are fraudulent, and in the vast majority of cases, it is impossible for leasing teams to visually detect fraud. Nearly 50% of evictions start with fraudulent financial documents, and leases involving renters with fake documents are 7 times more likely to end with eviction. The problem is pervasive across the industry– no region or property class is immune. Join ResMan and our fraud detection partner, Snappt, for an on-demand webinar designed to help you better understand and navigate the challenges associated with applicant fraud. During the webinar, we’ll:

• Dive into the applicant fraud problem, including the latest market data, so you understand the magnitude, causes, and sources of fraud and why it’s such a critical issue for properties.

• Introduce ResMan Fraud Detection, powered by Snappt – a new, highly accurate, easy-to-use solution that identifies fraudulent financial documents from within the ResMan platform. You’ll have document rulings available within 24 hours - typically within minutes!

• Share results that the technology is delivering for properties to help you understand the value and impact that a solution like this can have for your organization. Don’t miss this chance to get the latest on applicant fraud and the strategies that are working to combat it!

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