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Centralizing Website Management – New Ways to Create Efficiencies and Provide an Enhanced Renter Experience

While the industry-wide staffing shortage has brought about many challenges for multifamily operators, it has also provided an opportunity to revisit operating models and look for new ways to carry out critical business functions like maintenance, marketing and leasing.

By centralizing responsibilities with team members that may or may not be onsite, many operators are finding that they can operate more efficiently, and better meet renters and prospective renters’ needs with a smaller team. Their success has led many to ask “what’s next” when it comes to centralization.

Join this on-demand webinar as the Razz team will:

• Talk about the next wave of centralization that is taking place around website management.

• Showcase the Enterprise Management capabilities that they have added to the platform.

• Highlight the tools that allow marketing teams to make changes once and apply them across some or all of their property websites without needing to sacrifice the unique branding or interactive features that drive engagement and conversion.

Don’t miss this chance to see the next wave of centralization and the future of property websites!

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