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Behind the Numbers: Document Fraud and Its Devastating Role in Evictions

As we enter 2024, there are plenty of challenges facing multifamily and while many are beyond our control, one that we do have the power to control is Document Fraud.

To understand more about this challenge, we asked our partner, Snappt, to join us for an on-demand webinar to talk about the state and impact of document fraud on the multifamily industry. During the webinar the ResMan team, together with Snappt will

• Share 2023 year-end fraud statistics

• Review the key markets experiencing a surge in fraud

• Provide an overview of the tactics employed by perpetrators

• Talk about the relationship between document fraud and evictions and the financial consequences for property managers

• Offer practical approaches to detecting and preventing fraudulent activity

• Showcase the ResMan Fraud Detection solution that helps property managers catch fraudsters before they sign a lease

Learn how you can take control and ensure the security of your property while mitigating evictions and reducing bad debt by downloading now!

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