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ResMan Introduces Expanded Website Platform Conversion, Marketing Spend Optimization, and Centralized Management Capabilities

November 1, 2023
November 1, 2023

Las Vegas, November 1, 2023 – ResMan® by Inhabit, a leading property management SaaS platform provider, today announced expanded website platform capabilities for enterprise and mid-market customers. ResMan Websites, powered by Razz, now includes unique conversion and marketing spend optimization capabilities as well as enterprise management features that improve security and streamline website management for organizations that choose to centralize the function.

With occupancy rates trending downward and new supply coming online in many regions, property management companies are under pressure to meet revenue growth targets. To help with this, ResMan Websites is introducing new interactive capabilities that increase conversion, including:

  • Enhanced Interactive Floor Plan Browser (IFPB) that enables renters to more thoroughly explore available units.
  • New animation capabilities that engage prospective renters and extend their time on the website.
  • Reviews integration that makes it easy for properties to showcase reviews posted by residents on popular sites.
  • Interactive Points of Interest Maps that allow marketers to highlight highly desirable community features and callout attractions in the surrounding neighborhood.

The solution also includes new features that help property marketers optimize marketing spend by providing insight into sources that are delivering the highest value leads.

  • Dynamic Attribution capabilities that programmatically record original lead sources within guest cards and pass the information through to CRMs or property management systems to ensure marketing teams have factually correct lead source information to use when making marketing spend decisions.
  • Analytics Dashboard that brings powerful Google Analytics 4 (GA4) insights directly into the website dashboard in a format that is understandable and actionable – even for property marketing novices.

As property management companies transition to a more centralized marketing and leasing model, it’s critical that their technology partners support them with the transition. ResMan Websites is highly focused on helping customers maximize the impact they gain from centralization, and is introducing a range of features in support of centralization:

  • The Enterprise Management Dashboard is the hub for centralization within the ResMan Websites platform. It allows users to review, audit, and edit website data in bulk, across some or all the organization’s websites. It offers a centralized location from which to manage alerts and specials and provides property management companies with a high-level view of their online reputation based on reviews and comments from across the Internet.
  • New highly customizable user permissions and change auditing, tracking, and reporting provide organizations with more visibility and control around edits made to websites across the enterprise, ensuring alignment with corporate standards.

“ResMan is laser-focused on providing the solutions our customers need to grow, scale and operate more efficiently. These latest website enhancements support revenue and occupancy growth, expose insights into lead source effectiveness to help properties optimize marketing spend, and allow organizations to capture greater time and cost savings as they centralize the management of their property websites,” said Michael Dunn, ResMan’s CEO.

“While some property management companies still operate under the assumption that having highly effective websites means outsourcing the function to a marketing agency, when you speak with ResMan websites customers, you realize that the capabilities they have access to through ResMan Websites are so much more powerful and impactful for their business. They can move faster to market and see higher conversion rates at a fraction of the cost.”

To learn more about ResMan Websites, you can stop by ResMan’s booth #619 at NMHC’s OPTECH 2023 Conference & Exhibition which takes place November 1-3 at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. Those not attending the conference can sign up for a demo or register to attend the December 14th webinar.

If you’re interested in ResMan as a software provider for your daily operations, book a demo to see the product up close. 

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